Licensed Professional Counselor, MHS, MA, CADC, LPC

Rachel Harden-Maddox is a resourceful and compassionate therapist, author, educator, business owner, wife and mother of 4. She is extremely passionate about advocacy, cultural competency and self-care within the world of mental health. Rachel is a self-proclaimed powerhouse, leaving no stone unturned in life. She is goal-oriented and driven by her passion for all individuals, to be well.

Rachel’s academic and professional prowess in regards to mental health and wellness reaches from the classroom to private therapy. With a Bachelor of Arts and two Master degrees under her belt, Rachel is well learned. Her first published memoir under the pen name Carsen Aminna, Motherless: Memoirs Of A Teenage Girl ( iUniverse Publishing, 2019), is a memoir spanning over the course of 9 years, written with the purpose of educating and affirming individuals experiencing the process of grief, as a caregiver or first-hand person. She has also published a guided self-care journal that directs the individual towards reframing and affirming their thoughts.

Moreover, Rachel believes in giving back. Through her non-profit and volunteerism countless hours have been devoted to providing free and sliding scale therapeutic services to underserved populations. Her dedication to mental wellness is unmatched. She is a member of the American Counselors Association (ACA), American School Counselors Association (ASCA), Illinois School Counselors Association (ISCA) as well as the Illinois Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc., with the sole purpose of being a change agent in the areas of education, advocacy and self care in the mental health and wellness community.

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Motherless: Memoirs of a Teenage Girl

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